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AX860i sudden shutdown followed by boot loop


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Hi guys,


I got a new PC a couple days back and today, my PC just shut down randomly twice, followed by a boot loop and clicking noises. There wasn't a boot loop or anything like that, it was like pulling out the power cable; it just shut down suddenly.


Corsair Link shows the PSU temperature at around 45C (I live in Pakistan and it's really hot here, daytime temps are up to 46C). It also shows that OCP is enabled and set to the maximum value for all 6.


I'd really appreciate your help :)

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If you scroll down a few posts you'll see a thread about the same power supply and problem.


Get an RMA it's a bad power supply.


Oh well, I'll talk to the guy I bought it from. I live in Pakistan and all this stuff is harder. Its going to cost me a LOT just to RMA it

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