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will Carbide 600Q + H110 work?


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The trade off with that arrangement is you then dump CPU waste heat into the case. It will work either way, but if you have the choice, it may be preferable to dump the waste heat directly out. The advantage of using exterior "cooler" air is often negated by the temperature zone directly on the other side. We are talking about a few degrees of CPU heat -- not some massive gain or loss.


Specific to the 600C/Q, one of the advantages is you can put the radiator on the bottom. Your radiator fans are going to be the noisiest on a per RPM basis because of their blade design and the sound of the air passing through the radiator. Top mount fans are the most noticeable because of their position and most of us combine the two. The bottom mount should help a little to muffle the natural radiator/fan sound and pushing warm air out the bottom has little effect on the other components. However, if you intent to drop it on a shag carpet, you might want another plan or a table.

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