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Corsair mouse for large hands?

Black Hole Box

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Which way do Corsair's mice lean in size? I've always been a fan of Corsair, so I figured they should be one of the first stops on my mouse hunt. I really hope to find a suitable Corsair mouse, if only to match my other peripherals and a good portion of components.


Anyway, I have relatively large hands and small mice are uncomfortable and painful in long sessions. I ordered a Razer Orobouros after being told it was a large mouse. Unfortunately, it was not only average in size, it was incredibly difficult to hold as the surface is incredibly slick for some reason.


Any suggestions are appreciated.

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The largest size mouse we have would be the SCIMITAR. Since you have relatively larger hands, I would advise that you go to a computer store with display for you to try. Everyone's definition of a "large" hand is quite different and the only way to be sure is to physically try it out.

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