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Corsair void wireless audio just cuts out couldnt reconnect


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So I was playing elite dangerous for around 2- 3 hours absolutely no problem until all of a sudden the void jus cuts out no sound, 92%battery, still connected everything supposedly working just no sound, restarted computer still no luck... I have done that many firmware flashes / updates tbh im getting pretty sick of it. the software and firmware is so badly damaged for this product I simply could not recommend for anyone to buy it.


I will be returning mine for the second time in 3 days, this time it will not be for an exchange but for my money back.


just incase anyone else has similar problems...


I updated intel chipset drivers

I updated motherboard USB drivers

I disabled driver signature signing


then reinstalled all drivers and firmware... none of this prevented the problem.


the software / hardware is simply damaged... tried 2 separate headsets both with same result.

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