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RM550x - is the 20+4 pin cable supposed to "clip on" in some way?


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Built (most of) a computer using an RM550x power supply and had a terrible time getting the 20+4 pin cable to stay in place on the motherboard. I pushed about as hard on it as I could without bending the motherboard a scary amount, and I tried holding the back of the motherboard and pushing in with my thumbs, no dice.


The system POSTs right now but I'm a bit worried. If it's supposed to actually clip in there I can't produce enough force to get it to do so, and if it's not then it's awfully loose.


EDIT: As usual I solve the problem right after posting about it... found a post saying to insert the 4 pin first, then the 20 pin, which didn't work out, but doing it the other way around did. Could be useful to know for other people, I suppose - I've found a few posts around the internet of people having trouble with the 20+4 pin on Corsair PSUs.

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