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1000d? Are they going to make one?


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One of my pet peeves with the 900d is that they didn't allow for the size of their own power supplies (ax1200 in my case) and the 2nd bottom hdd caddy holder. It's impossible with 1200 series (or god forbid 1500i) to put in the last caddy holder, which limits the number of hdd's to 12, (unless you use the 5 1/4 bays, which I will be doing).


All they needed to do was add another lousy 3-4 inches!in case depth...and the 900d being as big as it is, would hardly have put people off. :mad:


As it is, I may have to graduate to thermaltake wp200 (can't afford caselabs), as I have 13hdd's and 5 ssd's at present (yes looking at Icy Box solutions).


So this is my request...make a bigger version (but fix the structural support that makes screwing in/fastening pcie cards impossible), with say 20 drive capacity, and magnetic fan screens for all the holes in the case that suck in dust like a turbocharged vacuum cleaner.


I guess I could just buy a Norco 4224 (and walk around the house with artillery ear protection), but the 900d does look good, as well as having the potential for silent/watercooled operation.:sunglasse:


Anyone else for my petition? :stickpoke:

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