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Need help calculating peripheral wattage on ax1200


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Hi all.


I currently have a ton of stuff connected to the 6 peripheral/sata connectors on my ax1200, and am wondering whether I am close to the combined 180w limit.


This is basically a dual xeon workstation/gaming rig stuffed into a 900d. Total wattage at the wall is max 580 under load, but am wondering whther am overloading 3.3v and 5v rails. Am aware that hdds use both 5v and 12v.


According to the powersupply calculator here: http://outervision.com/power-supply-calculator I am at or just above the limit (180watts). In addition have lately been noticing a burnt/electrical short smell which has me worried, despite cleaning dust etc.


Stuff connected:

13 HDDs WD RED and Green (5400rpm), and misc old drives..supposedly 10 watts for WD drives

5 SSDs

2x80is for xeons

11 x 120mm fans, mostly noctua pwm, 4 of which the sh!t corsair fans...

1x140mm noctua pwm

Old corsair commander and cooling node

KB/Mouse (K70 and gaming mouse)

Occasionally USB 3 peripherals (card reader, Wacom, 3d Connexion mouse, 3d vision setup, etc)

2x NZXT USB 2.0 internal expansion headers powered by molex


I have 6? 7? fans connected to the cooling node (4 via noctua fan splitters)..maybe too many? Corsair link still buggy mess of course...:mad:


Occasionally a sata optical drive.


Thing is, no idea how many watts the hdd's are pulling from the 5v rail. I may have power to spare, but really unsure. Considering hooking up an old corsair 550w PSU to power fans and hdd's via PSU connector.


Any ideas? Enough power? Or should I add 2nd PSU? Or is the problem too many fans on the cooling node?


May have to go the thermaltake wp200 soon (can't afford caselabs), 900d is running out of space! :eek:


Many thanks, hope someone can chime in here..still a newb (first pc build).


Rest of rig:

Asus z9pe-d8 ws

2x e5-2665 ES Sandy Bridge

GTX 770

Old ibm serveraid 8i

Asus phoebus solo

64gb Vengeance ddr3

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I had similar concerns about my AX1500i so what I did was power all my CL Minis + Cooling Nodes + H2O coolers from one of the PSU PCIe outputs. I simply made up a special cable with enough Molex + SATA power connectors. Last time I checked they were taking about 6 A (72 W).
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My solution was to purchase one of those psu connectors (a miracle I could find one in Norway) and (yet to do) hook up older Corsair vx550w PS for some of the Sata/Molex.


Corsair Blake..you are aware ax1200 is a single rail design? Circuits would be another thing...not sure what to call the +5v +3.3v...rails or circuits...


Custom cables from pcie was going to be too difficult and had vx550 lying around anyway. Am a bit concerned about h80i's and pumps etc potentially powering on after cpu's (maybe some spike in temps in my xeons? on startup? would be bad...) although this is the psu connector without delay, in any case sticking to fans and misc for now on secondary psu.


VX550 has 140W total for sata and molex, although non modular...6 sata and 6 molex...should be enough tho. Rated 80% 'something' before gold and platinum etc came out...


I can't believe power supplies up to 2k watts are still being produced with only 6 peripheral outputs...how are you supposed to power say a barebones norco 4224?

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