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A540 Case and H115i Cooler


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I wanted to see if I should/could mount the H115i Cooler on a pull configuration and the max size video card you could mount.


Most of the photos and videos show it top mounted, yet the instructions show front mounted.


I was thinking that if there was not enough rooms to mount a 30mm video card with a front mounted cooler I would mount on the top with a push configuration.


Can anyone have advice on this please help?

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My advice would be to not front mount the H115i or any other radiator unless you are going with a full water system. One of the best features of the Air 540 is the short, unobstructed distance from front fans to hardware. This gives you a measure of direct cooling and strong airflow into the case. My internal motherboard and ambient temperatures are always low, even when under long load. Placing the H115i as intake on the front then dumps a substantial amount of waste heat directly into the case. You haven't mentioned the CPU or your ambitions for it, but either way you will increase the average internal temperature of your case by 5-15C, depending upon load. This isn't compromise to make until you are forced to do so.


The H115i will fit in the top just fine, however you will need to turn the hoses toward the front of the case. The newer models with large end caps will not clear the rear 140mm fan. You can use the fans in push or pull, but you want the cooler to exhaust air out the top. I know what that one little sentence in the manual says and it has steered a number of people the wrong way. It may have more bearing on someone trying to set up single radiator cooling for a quiet office machine, but it has definite drawbacks in multi-purpose performance systems.

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