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Firmware 2.05 update?


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So i saw there is a new firmware version 2.05. I updated it.

I just wanna know if it fixes the popular "Malfunction" bug that happens random times or after pc restart?


yes it should


Yes, I'm curious as to what the changelog for this firmware update is, as well.


they dont release change logs for firmware updates anymore. Last one was for 1.15

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We are going to be releasing FW 2.05 which disables this "demo mode" by default so users will always be able to enumerate their keyboard properly. Theyre going to trickle in device by device as we go through testing but once FW 2.05 has been updated, users will no longer have their keyboards time out due to a lack of enumeration when demo mode is running.



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I'm currently having an issue trying to update to the latest version 2.05. I've done the security privileges etc, but I'm still having issues updating, gets to around 89% then crashes out, any suggestions?


I'm currently having a variety of issues with my K65 RGB.


Keyboard power cutting out

Keys getting a 'stuck down' effect when typing.

Lights don't work after a while / or freeze.




Any suggestions to fixing these solutions? I'm hoping once I update to 2.05 this will all be fixed.




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If you have the firmware file you can update it by unplugging the keyboard and putting a paper clip in the small hole on the back. While doing that plug it in and it should show up as an external drive. Delete the old firmware file and copy the new one there. Then unplug and re-plug the keyboard.
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