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Unable to download profiles

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I hope this is the right place for my question - if not, please direct me to the right place or move this post. It would be much appreciated.


Now, I finally got CUE installed (had to install on another computer and then move the installation directory to my main computer) and now I want to download some profiles.


I go to http://gaming.corsair.com/se-fi/rgbshare/profile-listing?type=starfe%20rgb and find some profiles I'd like to check out. I click into the profile and then click download. The first time after logging in works fine, but every time I try after that I'm just redirected to https://shop.corsair.com/se/customer/account/ with nothing being downloaded.


Anyone know how to get past this? Are there other places to download these profiles?



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I have the same problem.


Check my signature, likely some of the profiles you want are in either of these sections especially "main profile collection", not sure why its doing that on rgb share.


Seems this happens if you log in using facebook. What I did to fix it was to click the "forgot password" link and request a change for the email address I use on Facebook. I then logged in normally and it worked.

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