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Apps launched via G key run in the background


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I've assigned a few of the G keys to launch some apps when used, for example - Firefox, Thunderbird, Calculator, Notepad. The problem I'm experiencing, though is that these apps always launch in the background.


What I mean is that when I hit G6, for example, to open the Notepad, instead of seeing a new Notepad window with focus on it so that I can start typing a note, the window opens behind other windows so I have to either click on it or TAB to it which defeats the purpose of opening it quickly via the G key.


In case of Firefox or Thunderbird (which I have maximized by default), it's even weirder - I can see their icons active in the bottom Task Bar, but don't see the actual app window until I hove over the taskbar so again - the app is not in focus.


Does anyone have any idea why this happens? And if so - how can I solve this problem?

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