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H100i Bit the dust - Extremely loud & High Temps


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Hey guys,


So it's been a literal disaster for me over the past 4-5 weeks. First off a power-surge knocked out my PSU the day before a university presentation and Skype job interview, I sprinted out and picked up a HDD enclosure as quick as I could to grab the files off. This put my PC out of commision for 4 weeks until I flew back to the UK (Where I had another PSU).


Basically, I transport my PC (HDD, GPU / Mobo / Ram) and have two cases / two coolers one at my parents house in the UK and one in my rental in AUS (where i'm moving permanently or so I thought until the company went under and i've been forced to come back here for a bit until i can find another job)


Anyway, I landed yesterday and just re-built my PC, cooled by the 2012 Corsair H100i which has been incredibly faithful to me over the past 4 years, the LED's on it have since died. Anyway I went to boot it up, as i do each time I rebuild into BIOS and noticed that the pump was making a horrendous grinding sound and chugging almost, the temps were at 91*C and the RPM of the pump was 340. I've pretty much come to the conclusion already that it's completely broken and I'll have to wait until I'm back in AUS in 1-2 months with my other cooler (and take this PSU with me) but I was wondering if anyone has a miracle fix or any crazy solutions to fix it up?


Thanks all!

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