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H80i V2 Aurora R4 install problems


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So I recently was made aware that the stock cooler on the Aurora R4 doesn't really do a great job cooling, and I've noticed some rather high temps spiking on the motherboard. Also had some unrelated issues gaming, with my videocard failing to respond.


Which leads me to why I was installing a new GTX 950 video card and the H80i V2.


Installing went fine, had the radiator fans connected directly to the cable on the pump. Pump was plugged in fine, including the USB cable. And also installed the new video card.


Went to turn on the machine, Bios screen come up, single beep (indicating some error with the motherboard according to the Dell/Alienware beep guide), which repeated 3 times about every 30 seconds, before finally going to a blank black screen. Now, the Bios Flash screen does appear. Fans spin up. system lighting comes on. I however can not access the Boot order, or the Bios screen. It will let me select one or the other, and leave it highlighted, but eventually my system goes black screen and fails to boot, and I can not access the Bios.


Checked connections, disconnected, and reconnected everything. Several times. I probably went through more thermal paste today, than I have during the last 8 years. Same result each time.


Finally disconnected everything, and reinstalled all the old equipment, and poof, boots up fine. My system does pop up a warning saying that the system fan is not set up properly, or isn't detected, or something like that. And I have to select proceed to boot, or enter Bios. So I'm sort of at a loss as to whats going on.


It's late, so I am heading to bed, and going to try a couple things in the morning, just swapping out the video card. And just swapping out the liquid cooler. See if maybe the system didn't like two new pieces of equipment at once.


But I thought I would see if anyone has any similar experiences, or suggestions on how to get my system to boot with both pieces of new equipment.

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Where is the 3 pin lead from the H80i V2 connected? It needs to be on the CPU_FAN header in the roof. The sys_fan header should be free for other uses and you will have some control over that header with Command Center. Use Corsair Link to control the radiator fans.


If this doesn't solve the issue, you may also want to check the Dell/Alienware forum. Almost every R4 owner has been forced to replace their cooler and many have gone for Corsair units. There were some detailed posts explaining the joys of the Dell proprietary connectors, which ones to use, which ones to leave off. I used the prior H80i for two years on one, but I am afraid some of the details are slipping away this morning.

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