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Void battery???


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I have read on other post b/c i have been searching for answers before i made a post.


Where do u see the actual battery %?


So under the "lighting" section in the "CUE" I see some battery thing.. There is no explanation or hover over info on what this slide bar is for.


Is the info mic suppose to show the battery level % with different light cues? Example green <80% amber <30% but > 80% Red >20%?


It is quite frustrating to "Charge" my head set over night use for a few hours, and have no clue how much life i have left.


Furthermore, is there some way to turn off the RGB lighting when using the Void on other systems? Such as when i use it on PS4 the lights are on constantly and kills battery life.


Tip: when ur headset dies unplug the usb adapter, then plug in cable, then... plug in the wireless adapter. This is the only way mine has been able to start charging.

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The infomic light is not currently working with the latest version of CUE software 1.16.42 and previous and latest firmware update (today).

This needs reported as a bug to Corsair.

I dont know how to report this bug.


When it was working...


Battery level slider set to 0:00 should show a constant Green or Amber or Red LED on the Infomic.

Moving the slider to the right say ... to 0:30 then the light should flash the appropriate color every thirty seconds.


Hope this helps.

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