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Corsair H100i V2 & a GPU (GTX780 w/HG10-N780)


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I spent the better part of the day trying to find the answer to whether or not I could use a H100i V2 with my HG10-N780 (yes, I bought the GTX780 new and was disappointed when they discontinued it 2 months later and I couldn't exchange it!).


I scoured forums and even called Corsair support to find out about compatibility, The short answer I got was NOPE! I saw a lot of references to using the other guys products, but that isn't for me. I know someone is likely to read this and point to 100+ threads with varying opinions and methods (which may have been helpful earlier....).


The short answer really is YES! I found that I had to use the provided AMD mounting bracket and creatively use the AMD standoffs to secure the bracket and heatsink.


First things first. I started out with a Corsair H80i for my FX-9590, it ran fine so I considered putting one on my GPU. After much debate and a fantastic sale I settled on the H100i for my CPU and waited for the HG10-N780 which I used with the H80i on my GPU. I started noticing my temps were really climbing over the last few days and upon rooting around my case I found the hoses for the H80i were collapsing. OH DARN! Now I have a reason to try the H100i on my GPU which means I can justify the cost to my wife (also a bit of a gamer).


Just to be clear, the Corsair 600C WILL hold 2x 240mm/280mm units.


So, unboxing the H100i V2 was great, everything was accounted for and it smelled like new toys. I removed the stock heat paste and applied AS/5. I realized quickly that the braket sat much highr than the H80i did. My screws wouldn't reach and there was nothing that resembled longer thumb screws. Rather than panic I MacGuyver'd it up with standoffs. BAM! install as normal-check, verify connections-check, fire up PC-check.


Started off strong, until Corsair Link loaded and I saw that idle temp of my GPU was 36C. So I fired up 3DMark and started a stress test which lasted about 4 seconds before I cancelled it as my GPU hit 98C.:eek:


*insert several hours searching for info* I finally got tired and decided I could figure it out on my own after being told that there is no compatibility for my hardware(CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!).


1st, change the heat paste, then I tried the AMD bracket.

I cannot stress enough, DO NOT over tighten the standoffs, they will turn easy but if you are not paying attention it will bend your card. I used a light which illuminated any gaps between GPU and heat sink. I then re-seated the card, did all my checks and hit the power button. Success!


I have been running it hard all day and so far haven't peaked over 45C. Also to be clear, I DO NOT overclock. I have no need to but I have been tempted to see how it goes now that I have better cooling.


I will definitely be using Corsairs products for my future builds.


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