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VOID Wireless - 1 hour old - bricked?


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I have to say I am frustrated already.

I purchased the wireless VOID from Best Buy about 1 hour ago and can not get it to work.


First the CUE software kept telling me no device was connected even though I could hear sounds through the headset and windows saw the device just fine.


I tried several different USB 3.0 ports without luck until I bypassed the extension cable included with the headset and the CUE software saw the device.


The first screen stated a firmware update was necessary.

I selected OK and 2 status bar appeared and nothing happened for about a minute, then it said it failed to update.


The headset went dark.

The dongle started a slow flash.


Now windows won't see the headset, the headset won't turn on and I doubt I will be able to return it now.


I can't call support because they are open M-F 7-5, well guess what that's when most people work and I can't troubleshoot this at work.


Any help would be appreciated.

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