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Obsidian 900D Case Fan question


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It's a little confusing.. the specs say this:


Fan Mount Locations Front: (x3) 120mm

Top: (x4) 120mm or (x3) 140mm

Rear: (x1) 140mm

Side: (x8) 120mm or (x6) 140mm

Mid: (x1) 120mm


But then I read a review where the guy only put like 3 fans in the case and they were talking about space for water cooling radiators.


Can I really mount SEVENTEEN (17) 120mm fans in this case? 'Cause I'll do it.


I'm building a new system and running on air only, I don't do water cooling.

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No, you don't need (or want) that many fans. One of the prime benefits of the 900D is its gargantuan size. You can stick some very long radiators in multiple places.




I think you should get whatever case you want, but if you aren't going to water cool, do you need a case this big? Drive storage? You can see pictures of it, but its not until you see one on a table when the size becomes readily apparent.

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Well, that's the problem. I'm having a very hard time finding a case. Everything I kind of like someone talks me out of it.


I like the looks of the NZXT H440, but it's got bad cooling since it has stuff in it to keep it silent. Silent doesn't totally matter to me, because I am using silent fans.. 11db. I also use rubber on the fans so they don't vibrate.


I like the new BeQuiet! Dark Base 900 Pro, but that might not come out until end of July. I need something sooner.


The Enthoo Pro has lots of cooling, but I don't totally like it's looks. Don't like the split window.


I already have a Cooler Master HAF mid-tower, so I can't have the same thing. Need something fresh.


My problem is I have some computer issues prompting me to want an upgrade. I also bought a GTX 1080 video card and it's coming tomorrow. I'd really prefer not to stick it in my dusty old case.


I could wait a few weeks and get all the good stuff, but I don't care to wait. I may be able to swing money this week to throw together a lower end system then I want to build for now.. and later on I'll get additional memory and better processor and sell the stuff I used for a month.

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The 900D is HUGE and I love mine. I have 9 HDDs, 2 SSDs, 3 fans in the front, 1 fan in the back and a H110i GT cooler in the top. The only 2 minor quibbles are that the screws for mounting the Pcie cards are difficult to get at and the hot swap modules on the back of the HDD housings come with domed screws, so if you put 2 next to each other they don't fit properly. Apart from that (and the size of it) it's brilliant. If the size is an issue, have you considered the 750D or 750D Airflow? it's very much like the 900D but without the compartment on the bottom.
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OK, I just wanted to make sure you new just how big it was. This is the only shot I can find with an air tower in a 900D. Without all the tubing, radiators, drives or multiple GPUs, there is going to be a lot space.



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