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No audio from Corsair VOID Wireless RGB


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There is a well known issue going about with the Audio not working for the new Corsair VOID Wireless RGB.

... I am one of the unfortunate few that has this issue....


---->> Long story short... The audio/sound doesn't seem to be working and/or the sound is completely mute when we start any games... CS:GO, BF4, LoL...


It works perfectly fine when I do not start any games.


My Default sound device is currently set to the Corsair Void RGB. As a matter of fact, I ripped off the speakers and just had the VOID's USB's in. Yet the problem persists.


I have tried looking in depth of the issue. It seems to be that the Mic of this device is causing the audio to mute, but I can't bring myself to figure out why it is muting itself in games.


Ahh and I was really looking forward to use to device since most of the setup is comprised of Corsair stuff... I wish this could be fixed...


Any help is graciously appreciated. Thank you so much in advance.

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I have not seen this issue or heard of it before. With my Void Wireless SE I either have sound or I don't have sound. If Windows has sound then CSGO has sound. If Windows doesn't have sound then CSGO doesn't have sound.


I don't remember what software version I have or firmware version, but I know there is at least one later than what I have no. I like to keep all my stuff updated to the latest, but since my headset is working perfectly at the moment I'm not going to update.

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is your RGB blinking red? Have you tried reinstalling CUE?


Hi, thank you for your reply.


And no it is not blinking red, the Lights are randomly shifting colors like it is supposed to according to the way I set it up on the CUE....


And for the CUE I have not yet reinstalled, though I am assuming it would conclude the same outcome. But I will do so anyways.


I appreciate your help.

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