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Fans stuck at constant speed


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Hi All,


New to the forum :) Yesterday i installed corsair link v4 from the corsair website.. My fans on my h80i are now sat at a constant 1850rpm, this is what i believe is the default 'balanced' mode in the software. Prior to installing my fans speeds used to rev up and down based on temp / demand. Now no matter what i do, e.g. gaming nothing changes. My CPU temp rises to 61c and the fan speeds still Don't change from the 1850rpm they are at when I first switch the machine on. Ive reset to default, changed profiles (which does make the speed change) and finally uninstalled the software but my fan speeds no longer vary based on temp / demand... Can anyone help??? Please??


H80i Win7 64bit


Thanks Mark

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Thanks for your reply :)


My problem is, they used to speed up and slow down on there own before CL4.. I just want them to do that, I only installed CL4 to see what speed they were running at.. Is there a way to get them back to how they were before CL4?

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