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Asus A8N SLI-DX > FX-55 > Best Memory?


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I'm building a new system with the Asus A8N SLI-deluxe and throwing in a AMD FX-55 (939 pin) with 2 6800 Ultras PCI Express, I dont plan on doing any overclocking so my question is out of these 3 which one would be the best to use, TwinX 3200C2,LL or XL? (2X 512's), or should I go up to a 3500 or 4000? what do u think?


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I have 2 matched sets pairs of 3200XL 2 gig total.


Ran Memtest86 overnight no problems upto now


What should I set the memory timing to on this board using two sets of 3200XL 4 512 meg modules in dual channel mode? at 400mhz

If I set to 2 - 2 - 2 - 5 it says memory air when booting.


Be careful you need to turn memory speed off of auto on this board and set it to 400 because if you dont it runs memory at 333 mhz. instead of 400 mhz


Right now I have memory timing set to auto and it runs fine but I want all the performance I can get. Spent a fortune on this rig. All components are water cooled running prime 95 cpu gets upto 57 C



What should all of the timings be Please help.

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