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Lighting issue after firmware update.


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Hi guys,


Had a firmware update for my K70 RGB earlier and now, once my computer has gone to sleep/locked, my lighting scheme changes to all red with a few white keys (wasd) showing. Before the update I had it set to no illumination. Any idea how I get that back, I've forgotten :sigh!:



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Each time after you flash a new FW the profile saved on the onboard memory gets reset to the default one. You need to re-save your no-lighting profile on the keyboard onboard memory from CUE, after that you should be fine.

Right, I'm pretty sure I didn't have that set last time? I only have two profiles; FPS and Windows. I don't appear to have anything else :sigh!:


If I create a new 'no lighting' profile, how do I set it to kick in when I'm logged off or asleep?

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