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K70 Cherry MX Keyboard randomly becomes unresponsive


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Reiterating what was said in the title, my keyboard randomly becomes unresponsive while playing games.


(Hopefully) Pertinent Information:


. Have been playing Battlefield 4 and Hitman: Absolution


. When the keyboard becomes unresponsive, it is solely a keyboard problem

and my mouse works fine


. The keys remain illuminated but are unresponsive


. To exit the window/fix the problem I've been resorting to shutting down via the power button as shortcuts like alt+enter, alt+tab, ctrl+alt+delete, etc. have not shown any effect


. Have tried using different usb ports to no avail


.OS is Windows 10


Any help at all is appreciated.

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First, check to see which version of the firmware you have. Do you have any other gaming software that is installed that may be conflicting with CUE? You may also try disabling CUE to see if it's CUE related or hardware related.
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