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Corsair SP120 HP - Screws Stuck, Please Help!


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So recently, I bought a pair of Corsair SP120 High Performance Edition case fans. First of all, these fans are gorgeous, but they're not cheap.


I understand there's usually no threading in case fans. I screwed in one of the provided fan screws as much as possible, but the fan still had way too much space between it and the surface of my case.


I decided I would take the screw out and trade them for slightly thinner, longer fan screws with nuts at the back. No problem, right?


Well, except for one little itty bitty problem: I couldn't take the screw out. I still can't.


I first tried unscrewing it with a regular screwdriver, and instead, I just twisted the rubber, which started to tear at the back of the screw. I've tried clamping it down with pliers and using a screwdriver. I've tried using the pliers to twist the screw itself. The rubber keeps popping out of place and twisting around and tearing and I've been trying and trying for hours to no avail...


Now, I know other people have been having issues with this, but I also know that some haven't. Some people have no issues with these fans whatsoever. So I don't know if this is the result of poor quality control or terrible engineering (I would say the latter), but I've almost destroyed my nice new fan because of it.


So please, PLEASE, if you have any idea as to what I could do to get the screw out or where I could go to either get a refund or replacement, that would help immensely.

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