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H100i Rev?


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Hey guys,


I just did a clean install of Windows 10 on my machine which was running an old version of corsair link. I reinstalled link and it was this new version and it works fine, except that every 20 to 30 minutes, my computer makes an alert of a USB being unplugged and then my fans rev up to max RPM then go back down to their balanced preset.


I am also running HW64 all the time but set it to ignore Corsair sensors on the H100i. My water temps are normal, not going over 30Celsius, but I believe this may be software or hardware because of the usb unplug alert.


Any ideas by any chance? Thanks!

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  1. When you say H100i do you mean H100i, H100iGTX or H100iV2?
  2. What is HW64? Do you mean HWiNFO64? If you don't have it running at all do you still get the effect?
  3. Are there any events in the Windows Event Log that give some insight?
  4. You need to add your PC specs to profile so we know what the system is.

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