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Strafe RGB LED problem [HELP]


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Hello, I got this keyboard on November 2015 and I had no problems up until now. I noticed that the LED's on the Keys "ALT GR", "FN", "SHIFT", "\", "Z", "X", AND "C" flicker when the led color is set to red. If you change them to any other color the color doesn't appear correctly. For example, if you change all of the keys to white then them keys that I mentioned are a dull yellow/ orange color instead. For purple them keys are pink/red.


What could the problem be? Is it software related or hardware?



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Contact our support team and re-flash the firmware. The keys when set to white should look white though there may be some diffusion (from the lens).


I submitted a ticket yesterday but I don't know if i submitted it in the right place :o:


Could you please link me to support?

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