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K65 RapidFire Canada???


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Hey folks,


I made an account just to ask this question as it's caused me quite some frustration and time spent. I see the Rapidfire keyboards have been out for about 3 months now and living in Canada and wanting a tenkeyless board, I've been super interested in the K65 rapid fire.


On Corsair's website in Canada, you can't order directly like you can in the USA. They have retailer's listed which is honestly super helpful. However this is where my woes come into play.


The K70 RGB RF is readily available at all prominent retailers up north here, however the K65 RGB RF is only listed at ONE. Country-wide It's not even available for purchase. It's for pre-order. Does anyone internally from Corsair know when Canada/NCIX will be receiving stock or when it's going to be more readily available up here?


Thank you for your time.

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I believe NCIX like Best Buy down in the states are the only one selling the K65 variant of their keyboards. Also there is a lack of rapidfire switches as cherry are now making way to many variants of their MX switches. I would give it another month or so.
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