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PC Boot, Strafe Lights, but Key don't work!


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Ho to all,

I've a home brew PC, based on ASUS Maximus XIII MoBo. No matter what the config of 2x USB2 slots I use, or 1x USB3, more often than not, when I cold boot and Windows starts, all appears well, mouse works, Keyboard lit up and running a series of effects (my Strafe is Cherry MX Red, Red LED's only, NOT RGB).


I get not response from any key on the Strafe, despite being lit up. The only way i've found to get around the issue (all permetations of USB2 placement and USB3 connectivity tried), is to unplug both of the Strafe's USB cables from the back of the PC, give it a few seconds then re-plug in the keyb (noting the sequence required when using 2x USB2 ports).


I'm hoping for a few insights to the problem, it's not CUE, not getting that far, but it is after the BIOS POST and boot to HDD as per the BIOS boot sequence.


Having had my Strafe for a few months now, the issue is re-pluggin the keyb at the back of the PC is getting tiresome:[pouts:, and i'm a tad disheartened by the lack of shared Red only Profiles:sigh!:.


Guidance, advice, constructive critique or good old mud-flinging!:p: would be much appreciated :laughing:

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I see the same issue on the Corsair Strafe RGB MX Silent.


Sometimes when I boot up, The Keyboard lights up RED/White, but the Num Lock light does not light up, and the keys give no response. Corsair mouse works fine. USB ports are fine. This is a total pain. Sometimes it takes me multiple attempts to boot up.


I have also noticed sometimes the keyboard just locks up when I play some games. Star Wars Old Republic for example. Leaving me with a locked up PC. I keep a spare Keyboard ready to plug into a front USB port so I can at least recover the situation by moving to another keyboard. The only way I have seen to unlock the keyboard is to remove USB connection to the Strafe or power off my system completely and then reboot from scratch.


I am using CUE version 1.16.42 with Strafe Firmware version 2.05


My system is Win 8.1 64bit with Asus Z87 Deluxe Dual Motherboard.



CUE version =

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