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Issues with my K70 RGB


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I have tried multiple different versions of firmwares, CUE softwares, USB 2 and 3 plug combinations. But for the love of god, the LED turn of as soon as the CUE software shuts down. I have gone into settings have set to save profile to device memory, but it doesn't stick. I always have to wait until my computer fully boots and loads the CUE software in order to get the LEDs to function.


This is a very frustrating situation, as I have used an AZIO equivalent keyboard that doesn't require any software, Patriots Viper V760 that has optional software. None of those ever went dark or needed the computer to be fully booted in order for the LEDs to even turn on.


Do I have an defective keyboard? Because the function to save profile to device memory seems useless in that regard, and the keyboards lightning does't function at all as soon as the CUE software is not running anymore.


Any help regarding this would be appreciated.


Thank You and best regards,


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