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Corsair Custom Cables for HX850i


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Hello everyone,


Can anyone tell me if this Motherboard cable works with the HX850i? Corsair's product spec page list that it is compatible. However, the picture they use for the product is labeled "AX1200i" only. On Newegg and Amazon there are reviewers saying it did not work with their power supply, and then there are some that say it worked with their non AX1200i. I want to make sure I order the correct kit.




Thank you!

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it will work 100%. i'm using that exact cable on an AX760i even though it says "1200i only"


don't pay attention to the stupid crap corsair writes on their PSU cables. it's almost always wrong or incomplete. just go by what the specs on the website say


i don't know what to tell you about the reviews. there are a lot of people buying fake or broken cables on amazon from 3rd party sellers. i don't know why someone would buy it from amazon to begin with since it's cheaper to buy directly from corsair.

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