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Extremely low mic volume - Corsair H2100


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**EDIT:** I just got it fixed! What I had to do was use a program called Equalizer APO to "override" the microphone equalizer from windows and it is now working flawlessly!


Hey there everyone!


I have just ordered and received a Corsair H2100 Wireless headset and I am in awe with the fact that its wireless and 7.1!

It was all great and flawless until when I hopped into Discord. Was NOT able to hear anyone, at all (though I was able to hear people via skype, not just discord, so thats also interesting). Fiddled around with drivers a little and I got the point where I could hear them, but my mic was, and is, EXTREMELY low. When I activate the "Listen to this device" option, I can just about make out someones talking, but not what I'd be saying. I charged the headset to its fullest before turning it on and have been using it for about an hour as I type this, so not very long. Below I got a list on things I have tried, but so far with no results thats fixed everything. If anyone has any whatsoever suggestions, I'll appreciate them to the fullest!


So here we go:


Reinstalled/Updated Drivers

Installed the Corsair Headset Software

Changed the drivers from the Corsair H2100 to "USB Device"

Changed to "Do Nothing" in the Sound -> Communcations tab

Restarted PC. Multiple times.

Plugged the USB Adapter into the Front and backpanel of the PC

Switched USB Ports on both front and backpanel


Also, some pictures of my current settings panel:


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