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Need Help with VOID Wireless


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So recently i got the VOID Wireless headset as a gift on my birthday and the first days it worked fine, i've been using the corsair program with dolby 7.1(version 1.16.42)


But just a couple days ago my headset started not working some times, like it would not show up as a recording or playback device in windows and i couldnt use it, but when i was gonna turn on the headset since i thought it had just turned off for some reason i realized that it had been on all the time, what is causing this problem? It happends sometimes and the other times i've fixed it by pairing my devices. Do i have to this everytime or is there a fix? I'm getting really annoyed by it and since this is my first corsair product it doesnt really welcome me very well.

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Reflash the firmware by force flashing the firmware via CUE.

Also try a different USB port and see whether that helps.


Do you have the latest chipset drivers, Windows updates, BIOS, etc?

What operating system are you running?

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