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K70 background lighting


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Recently I bought a new K70 nonRGB with red backlight.


Sadly i noticed a weird issue with the lighting on the media keys.


They are very dim compared to the other keys, its almost like they dont even have any background lighting at all, changing the brightness doesnt make a big difference .


Is this "by design" ? or i got a faulty keyboard ? I thinking about returning this keyboard because spending like 130$ on a keyboard which cant even get the lighting right bugs me a little.





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Yesterday i watched a movie on my PC, i was wondering about a weird high pitched whining noise on the quite parts, after a while i figured out it came straight from my new K70 keyboard when the backlight is on.

Is this also "normal" like the different backlight strength on the media keys ? or is my keyboard broken ? its not extremly loud but definitely noticable when the room is quite...

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