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May need PSU replaced under warranty, or new cables.


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It's possible the PSU is killing my CPUS randomly.


First CPU that died was a 3930K, debug code 60


Recently, couple of weeks back, my 5960X died with code 60.


Now, discussing with the shop technician, and online with an MSI partner, CPU dieing in such a manner is very rare...


The PSU is plugged into a UPS, and none of my other hardware has died and survived power outs and surges for a good 5+ years now.


Could it be possible that the cable connectors are playingup? They seem very loose in the connector.

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Hello there!


Firstly, please tell us what PSU you're using.


So the old technician in me says this is more likely to be a motherboard issue. If your CPU is being over volted or given too much power, why didn't the motherboard prevent that? The power supply's job is to just supply the power, it's up to the motherboard to regulate it all. Check with your motherboard first, or straight up replace it. Then work from there.


As for the connectors, we sell Sleeved 24-pins that improved aesthetic look as well as give you a completely new connector.


Let me know if you need anything else!

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