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M65 RGB media key priorities do not work correctly


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Hey all.


I've got a M65 RGB mouse since a few days.


I've assigned media key controls to the side buttons, but these don't seem to work correctly.

For some reason sometimes either the mute or the play/pause button works, and I have no idea why.

It doesn't happen all the time.



The media player I'm using is iTunes which is at the top of the priority list.



Using the behavior profile "First Found", only "Mute" works, and "Play/Pause" does not.


Using the profile "Max Priority", "Mute" works and "Play/Pause" does not.


However, using the profile "All Found", Play/Pause does work correctly BUT Mute only very briefly mutes the system and resumes sound about .1 second later.


I've followed the 'media keys not working' guides, restarted that HID service, rebooted PC, checked Chrome's players: nothing.

I am certain the buttons are working; I've switched assignments around and those still work.


See the attached image for my settings.

The other players in the list are not running.


Strange thing is, keys used to work correctly this morning.


I've no idea what causes this issue, and I'd like to use both mute and play/pause without having to switch profile all the time :)


Thank you in advance.


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