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Need more info on the 600C inverse full tower case


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So i've been looking for an inverse case for a while and without getting a custom one done by someone like caselabs this is the only one I found so far.


I had been looking on the corsair website about it and had a few questions since they don't really explain it to well i don't think.


First question, How many drive bays does it have and does it support a 2.5 inch drive or am I going to have get a 5.25 to 2.5 converter?


Secondly, how efficient and loud are the case fans compared to the 120MM airflow quiet edition fans?


Thirdly, it says it supports up to a 360mm liquid cooler on the bottom so does that mean I can simply move my existing 120 MM corsair liquid cooler over and put it on the spot and call it good?


Sorry for the questions just concerns I'd like to know about before I buy this case =)

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The 600c/q can support these drives:


5.25" Drive bays: 2

3.5" Hard Drive Bays: 2

2.5" Drive Bays: 3


I would recommend sticking with the stock AF140's if you are concerned about noise. They are rated at 21db (same as AF120 Quiet), but flow more air. You can also go with our AF140 Quiet which is slightly louder but significantly more efficient (http://www.corsair.com/en-us/air-series-af140-quiet-edition-high-airflow-140mm-fan)


You can definitely mount a 120mm radiator in the bottom. There have been a couple users on the forum with this configuration.

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