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Spec-Alpha and H80i?


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Hi guys... I went ahead and bought spec-alpha and H80i by looking at this pic below:



lol.. but I have a hard time finding spots for the H80i in my spec alpha.. I tried installing the fan at the rear.. then my casing is unable to close and it seems too tight for the cooler hose to fit the cpu..

anyone has any clue whether it will fit or where should I mount the radiator and fan?.. H80i is so huge..


The front fan of spec-alpha should be inflow and the rear fan should be out flow.. so if I were to install the H80i in the front.. its outflow right? seems weird..

help pls..

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If you mount the radiator on the front it should probably be intake, with the fan on the back as exhaust.

so I can actually change it to be intake instead of following the manual where it guide me to put as outflow?

and wouldn't this bring hot air into my casing?

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It will warm the air coming in by a few degrees and normally I would recommend having fans on the front pulling in cool air and the rad on the top exhausting air as this is usually the most efficient way to do it, after all hot air rises (look at any politician), however with this case you cannot do that. Your cpu will run nice and cool, but the other components will be a few degrees warmer, however, as long as your gpu has decent cooling and you have good airflow it should be fine.

The manual for the H100i and my current H110i GT both said to mount them on the top as an intake. I know of very few people on here who would agree with that, mine have both been top mounted as exhausts. If I'm wrong I'm sure that someone will pop up here before long to say so.

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