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There are a number of reasons a trackball SHOULD be superior to a mouse and it seems odd that we have gaming mice but no gaming trackballs. I think the reason we do is simply because so many more people use mice for general controllers.


Trackballs actually need to be subdivided into finger and thumb as they're quite different and some people who really like one, and dislike the other. I'd suggest someone try all 3 controllers and see which works best for them. Mice however have a huge advantage simply from being what most people experience first and each controller requiring time to get comfortable with it.


Trackball Pros vs Mouse

  1. +Trackball gives much better control and speed in combination with less sacrifice of the other.
  2. +Trackball is a more natural use of your hands for moving. With prolonged use my wrists get sore with a mouse, but not with a trackball.
  3. +Fingers (or thumb) are naturally capable of much quicker and more accurate motion than our arms are.
  4. +Trackball never needs to be picked up and moved over to keep turning and operates in a tiny desk space with no problem.


Mouse Pros vs Trackball

  1. +Mouse leaves your fingers more easily available to hit combinations of buttons than a finger trackball (while for me at least, the thumb trackball does not have as big an advantage over the mouse in terms of movement control).
  2. +Mouse gives you a ton of options for gaming units while there are no true gaming trackballs (although Elecom Trackball M-DT2URBK comes close).


I genuinely believe there is an untapped market in gaming trackball mice. There is a HUGE demand for practical trackball mice that has not been met since the Microsoft Trackball Explorer which is now being sold like it’s made of solid gold. I actually had a MS Trackball Explorer and kicked some major butt in FPS games like Quake 3 so I know how great literal finger point accuracy is. I'm sure if there was an actual trackball mouse built for Gamers in mind it would catch on pretty quick if given a chance. I'm sure an RGB back lit trackball would look pretty sweet too.


Come on Corsair, take a chance on something different!

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You've pointed many good points to as why the trackball would be a good alternative to a mouse. I too, have used a trackball back then ( forgot the model) and the amount of time it takes to get use to it was too lengthy. Maybe it was just me, but switching over to a mouse made it that much easier. Ever since then, I never looked back at using a trackball mouse.


You mention that there is a high demand for trackball mouse, but why are companies either discontinuing them or making their line smaller? I'm not saying you are wrong, but i would like to know where you got the data.

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Thanks for the response! As for your question for high demand you needn’t look too hard. Reviews for any trackballs currently on sale you can usually see the same complaints, from no scroll wheels, limited amount of buttons (usually only 2), poor button placement, and repeatedly that nothing has the features the Microsoft Trackball Explorer has, as previously mentioned. Check these customer reviews out (You need only to skim through) Here Here Here & Here


And now we're starting to see some new companies with their own track ball mice since the ones listed above, well frankly, have been the same products for the past ten plus years. Programmable buttons being one of the big selling points/demands. Here Here Here


Trackball mice users have a strong community (those who take part). Unsurprisingly you can find a trackball sub-reddit dedicated to people looking for the next big thing, but mostly just trying to maintain their discontinued products. Heck, there's a whole business built around maintaining old trackball mice. I've even paid for service to get the bearings replaced on my old MS trackball explorer back in 2010 from offers on ebay here. Just because I couldn't find anything on the market that was worth a damn, just like so many others.


Its a niche market right now for sure, but people are always always talking about trackball mice.


Elecom seems to be the most exciting at the moment as I keep seeing mentions of their trackballs now whenever I start looking around. But they have their own issues too.


That said, you get people like myself who would love to move back to a trackball mouse, but there just isn't anything out there that has modern features, or build quality/durability. I think the trackball market has been easily overlooked because nobody has tried to innovate or listen to customer requests. All you have to do is look around at whats currently out there and just see what people are saying. There's been so much feed back from the customer bases over the years, and still most offers only have two buttons, and maybe a scroll wheel.


Going back to gaming applications, I know it works, it works great. But in order for me to get back to gaming with a trackball mouse I something with more buttons, programmable buttons, high polling rates (if applicable). I'd like game profiles for different sensitivity and button settings. Kick Butt custom RGB settings (not required, but it'd be cool).


I know I'm not crazy for wanting this, and I know I'm far from the only one who'd get it in a heartbeat. Hell, today's customer base is pretty fickle about the next best thing, I'm sure getting some professional gamer to use one would help move things along too because I'm positive given time to get over the learning curve anyone could game better aiming with their fingers on a trackball than with their wrist on a standard mouse.


edit: There's also the benefit of an ergonomic trackball design that drastically reduces strain and the risk of carpal tunnel with long use.

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