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K65 vs K65 LUX vs K65 Quickfire?


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*TITLE was supposed to read: K65 RGB vs K65 RGB LUX vs K65 RGB Quickfire*


Hi All


I tried the search function but couldn't really find what I was looking for, or I just suck using the search function.


Corsair has three keyboards listed. K65 RGB LUX, K65 RGB, K65 RGB Quickfire


What are the distinct differences (if any) between these guys?

What are the more subtle differences?


Is it the switches used for the keys?

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  • Corsair Employees

K65 RGB - older model, no usb pass through and with older font for keycaps


K65 LUX RGB - has updated lighting controller, USB pass through and Strafe keycap font


K65 Rapidfire - has all the features of the LUX RGB but with MX speed switches


I hope this helps

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