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Corsair K70 Not Detected In Software! Desperate...


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Been trying to detect my keyboard in the CUE software and I've tried everything. I plugged the keyboard to all of my USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports, uninstalled it and installed it again, changed BIOS on the back, uninstalled the software etc. Nothing worked.


The model number is: CH-9000076-UK


It's non-RGB. Just red, but when I connected it to the laptop at home it worked.

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The K70 (non-RGB) that you have is NOT supported in CUE, and it does NOT have any other kind of macro or software support. The keyboard is provided as-is with no additional things you have/need to install to make it work.


If you want a CUE enabled device you should look at the new K70 LUX instead, the STRAFE lineup or any other RGB device. Also, the second USB cable on your K70 is for the USB passthrough. Ignore the threads about using 1x3.0 or 2x2.0 USB ports, that applies only to K65 RGB, K70 RGB and K95 RGB.

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