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AX860 : Crashes and whistling


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Hello !


For about 1 month, I get a problem with my computer.

You can see the components which are inside in my profile.


At the beggining of the problem, my computer crashed after about 10 minutes of use. After a crash, it crash again very faster...

After 2 minutes, then after 10 seconds, and then during the BIOS loading.

After that, I can't turn on my motherboard anymore, and I need to wait hours before can start it again (and then it crash after a few minutes :)).


I tried:

- Removing all my RAM, and tried with another new

- Removing all secondary HardDrive

- Use another GTX970, shared by a friend (with 2 PCI alimentation entries, mine has only one)

- Set fans at 100% on my GPU/Motherboard (when I can go in Windows ! :))

- Disconnected and reconnected all cables on my Motherboard and other components


I'm a bit afraid by the alimentation (AX860), because I can heard a whistling, which become faster (more high-pitched) when I remove the cable from the wall.

Edit : The whistling is here even when the computer is turned OFF. It stop only when I remove the cable from the wall.


If anybody has ideas or suggestions...




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If you want a reply from Corsair, use the link for Support Ticket System just above your original post.


Somewhere in the depths of my memory I seem to recall a blown capacitor? doing something similar in a Skybox power supply. But I could be wrong, my memory isn't that good these days.

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