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K65 RGB Brown or Blue Switches for NA


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The demand is frothing. Please Corsair?


How often do I have to look at Massdrop listings for poor knockoffs using the same brushed aluminum housing, with tactile switches and RGB lights... but lacking the Corsair and Cherry quality, not to mention Software?


I won't link to em, but a couple are "best of massdrop" and all they are is tapping into demand that Corsair refuses to.


Every time this comes up it's responded to with "I'll pass it up the line." I've seen it hundreds of times.


Does Corsair marketing honestly believe there isn't demand for RGB TKL with tactile switches?


We wanted anything but red switches... and now the K65 RGB is available in Super Reds! ... *face palm* ... *cry*

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I feel you and i have come across a few others who are interested as well. Since I am not the product manager, the only thing i can do is pass it up the line. However if there is a large demand for K65 RGB blue switches, perhaps you may want to create a new thread and see how much traction it gets?
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