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h115 connections help


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Hi everyone, I'm new here in the forum.

I've purchased my first water cooling and I've no experience with this cooling system.


here my question, what cables have I to plug??



here the screen




I've plugged the n.3 cable in the motherboard water pump connection.

For the n.1 and 2 I didn't connected to anything. I saw a video on youtube in which the n.1 and 2 were been connected to the 2 radiator fans. I connected them to the motherboard fans port. Is it ok or have I to do like in the video?

For the last one I've no idea where to plug it.

I didn't turn on the pc yet, so I don't know if everything is ok or not

Any help? Thanks a lot

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The #4 connector is a SATA cable. This provides power to the pump (and fans). You likely already have a PSU SATA connector in your system for your drives. You probably also have more in your PSU cable bag. This must be connected to the power supply through a PSU specific SATA cable to function.


#3 is the motherboard connector. #1&2 are to power the fans from the pump block. You are not required to power the fans from pump, but this is how the system was designed. The fans will adjust their speed based on the water temperature inside the cooler. It requires Corsair Link software to monitor, control, or change LED color schemes. If you move the fans off CPU&OPT and power them from the pump, you will likely need to move the 3 pin sensor from the Water Pump header to CPU_FAN to prevent a boot error. I suspect this has not been changed on the Z170 Deluxe.


You can control the fans from the motherboard and bypass the CLink software control. You will need to come up with your own temperature curve. The fans are likely to run a little more than necessary in this configuration, but people do have their reasons for running it this way. Corsair Link and AI Suite can cause some polling issues with each other, so this may be the preferred way for people who wish to keep AI Suite as an active program.

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