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CUE Still breaks Void wireless


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I have not used the CUE software in months with absolutely NO problems.

Watched a movie last night so I decided to use CUE so I can get all that nice 3d sound.

I forgot to shut the software down and when I just woke up and both USB dongle and headset show as disconnected, my headset is less than 5 feet away from the ****ing dongle!

Now I have to reboot because CUE can't even update the firmware...




Corsair's complete lack of care is blatantly obvious.

Why would you release software that is so clearly broken?

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  • Corsair Employees

I notice that under your system specs you have the MSI audio boost. Can you try disabling the software to see if that has any affect? Also, which usb ports are you using?


Do you have the latest usb drivers? can you also tell me which usb ports you are using?


Fyi i checked MSI's forums and it looks like other people with the same mobo is having issues with other brand USB headsets as well....hmmmm

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I do not have any of the realtek software running ever (what my mobo uses)

I turned off the HD audio controller in BIOS and now I get static constantly

I have used all 4 rear USB 3.0, both USB 2.0 and both my front usb 3.0 with the dongle.

The only time I have any problem is when the software is running. Otherwise I have 0 issues. But once I load up CUE it does the most random stuff. like locking up the headset to the point you have to reboot to make them usable again, software even greys out the device tab showing nothing is connected, just gives "??" for FW version


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  • 2 weeks later...

Really great support you Corsair guys give.

Blame problems on a mobo then **** off.

I did the same thing last night. Woke up and the headset will not connect at all.


This is the **** I am talking about. Any time I leave the software running for any length of time this happens, and I have to reboot to make the ****ing thing work again.


I am very frustrated with your guys support, it is pretty pathetic, I'd rather call a call center and get an east Indian who can barely speak english, they are more helpful than you guys.


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Yeah, don't work

Legit the only fkn time I have ANY problems with this headset is caused BY THE SOFTWARE

0 issues without the software running, and I mean none, ever

The only time I have this issue is when CUE is running, it is not a fkn hardware problem, not the headset, nor my motherboard, but Corsairs sh|t software

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