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About Dominator ddr4 ram kits


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Hi guys


i am recently trying to build a new system ,below you can find the components that i will buy in a week (if stocks are available :) )


motherboard Evga X99 FTW K

CPU 6850k


and for the RAM i will choose the kit below but its revision number is C how does corsair name their newest revision numbers? is C the oldest one or the newest? if it was A would it going to be the newest revision number?


and the price seemed low to me is it because of the RAM kit is first revision ? as C ?


or do you have another advice for another RAM kit ?







for example another kit i was looking at is below and their revision number is B





which one should i prefer?


or the one below?on this one the revision number is B





and for the last the other kit is below,on th,s one revision is A i know they are 2666mhz but i was checking out those revision numbers





can you please help me out choosing the right one?

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