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H80i GT Problems


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Hi, i just built a new pc, and got a h80i gt and i`m having two problems;


1 - Overheating , I already got four blue screens or pc turned off because cpu got over 100C , one tube is cold and the other is hot my fans are working @ 2500RPM to keep it at 70 - 80C , and i`m doing nothing on the PC just with chrome and 1 tab opend, while HD and GPU is 20 -30 C


2 - USB cord is giving me a 9c error on debug when I put it on,;


PC Specs:

Motherboard: MSI z170a M7

CPU: i5 6600k @3.5 (stock)

Memory - 16Gb DDR4 2800 Vengeance

SSD - 120Gb Hyper Fury

Video - GTX 970

Power Supply - Corsair 750W


Image of link- http://postimg.org/image/m0tt1un9n/

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You should attach screen shots to the post as I have done. When I looked at the link I could not even read it. In general for this type of issue the [Home] tab provides better information.




The image does not really help as the H80iGT information is not reported at all.


Have you disabled fan control for the CPU_FAN header in the BIOS? If not you need to. All the issues could be down to the H80iGT not getting the constant +12 volts it needs to operate.


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Yeah already done that, fan control is all disbled, fans are allways @2600RPM.


Didn`t post other infos of the Corsair Link because of the other error with the usb link cable when I put it on my mother board stop working and give me a 9c error on debug.


Already tried to put on a normal usb port with other cable, but same results.

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From my experience, if everything is working correctly (Pump and fans), and you have a good fan curve set, the most likely reason is a poorly seated CPU block. I find that trying to seat the block to the CPU with the cooler already mounted in the case leads it to almost never have good contact. Make sure you mount it outside of the system to get an even pressure on the entire CPU (clean the old stuff off and use new thermal paste whenever you remount a cooler).


Is there any chance you use AIDA64 or HWinfo on your PC? If you use those you have to tweak the settings a bit or download the beta otherwise the software will interfere with the cooler and the cooler will not work correctly.

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