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No case is perfect.

No user has the same needs.

So how we build a perfect case?

We MOD of course, by starting with a good base ::pirate::


The Air 540 is a case with great potential,

but needs some serious mods to achieve what Corsair could have done from the beginning

or in an updated version. :roll:


So I've decided to hack two CORSAIR AIR 540 cases (1 to be used as donor)

in order to make the mod in the picture and utilize the space in the chambers properly

(and fit an SSI-EEB dual Xeon board).

The idea is that any serious user with a machine acting as a workstation/server, requires removable drives.

That means a minimum of three 5.25" slots to be converted into a 5-bay raid chamber.

The more 5.25" bays, the better.

A fair amount of cutting-welding-painting will be required, but that's part of the process anyway.

In the suggested mod 3 pairs of 3 means 15 removable 3." drives, by using something like this:





This means a potential space for 150 TB of storage on HDDs alone,

without counting any SSDs and PCI Cards. :bigeyes:


So video servers, editing suite, render node, web server, file server, personal cloud, any usage senario goes. :sunglasse


I'll post updates in the future.

Feel free to copy my design (especially YOU Corsair -- yes that means put it in production) :cool:






Cheers from sunny Greece

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