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color issues


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Recently some of my keys have decided to start showing the incorrect colors. When everything is set to red my G1, F12, numpad 7, + key, and every key from left cntrl up to the tilde key show yellow. Basically any shade of red those keys appear a different color. If I go pink they show a light blue.


I have searched online and found many people with similar problems. One guy had the exact same problem with the color red and his left cntrl up to tilde displaying wrong, just like me. The only solution I've found is to uninstall CUE and delete the Corsair folder. I already did that and it didn't solve my problem.


I don't believe it's an issue with my LEDs because yesterday I managed to temporarily fix it by just unplugging the keyboard. It worked fine up until today and now the colors are displaying wrong again. Any other suggestions on how to deal with this problem? Has anyone else here encountered it, and what did you do?

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