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Can I RMA a PSU for coil whine?


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Back in November 2015, I was running a single video card on my Antec 500W power supply. An opportunity came up to purchase an identical card and run them in SLI - so I did that.


That power supply was unfortunately unable to cope with the new load being burdened upon it. So in response, I purchased a Corsair 850CXM power supply.


I've since sold those cards and bought a single faster card - a GTX970. But ever since putting this card in, I've noticed a distracting coil whine in games where the frame rate is really high.


I've read a lot about it and it does not appear to be something that I can rectify. So at my wit's end, I threw the old Antec 500W back in - and the coil whine is completely gone.


Is coil whine something I can RMA for? The noise is incredibly distracting, but the PSU functions fine otherwise.

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