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Corsair CX430 v2? the 8pin connector - functionality of the 2 halves


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Hi. I've just managed to fry my mobo because of a lack of information on what the two parts of the 8pin connector do. I plugged in the one that has CPU printed on it into my mobo 4pin connector which says ATX12v.


My original CX430 PSU (6 years old when it failed last week) didn't have any writing on the 2 connectors at all. However I can see that one of the wires in one of the conectors is brown. However this PSU was part of a pre-built PC package that I bought so I had no experience of assembling ths type of PSU.


The only PSUs I've really dealt with are the old ATX (CIT type ones) - ie pre my last PC buy.


I watched a Corsair video on the function/use of the 2 parts but it implied I could use either of the 4-pin connectors to connect to my mobo.

Even the packaging gives no clues as to their use.


I've created a ticket on the Corsair support website asking them a similar question but assume I wont get anything positive as I guess it will be deemed user error.


Any info gratefully received.



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