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[India] H2100 Wireless Warranty Issue

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I got a Corsair Gaming H2100 Headset as a gift from one of my relatives on my last Birthday which was in June 2015. The headset was working fine till last week, when out of no where it started disconnecting randomly and I had to unplug and replug the USB dongle every time to make it work again. And then the right earcup of the headset stopped working at all. I could only hear sound in the left earcup. I tried it on multiple systems and also tried reinstalling drivers multiple times but no luck.


I took it to your authorized service center (Kaizen Infoserve) but they said the serial number is old hence they cannot accept it. They told me to send a mail to corsair at "indiaservice@corsair.com" and I will get a response within 1-2 Hours. But surprisingly its been more than 72 hours and I haven't received any reply. I also tried to contact support using the Indian toll free support number "1800-425-5464" but its also not reachable. I tried for many hours.


I have dozens of corsair products and have RMA'd some products in the past and never faced any issue. This is the first time I am having trouble getting my Corsair product fixed/replaced. Please guide me how to get in touch with corsair India support and get my headset fixed.


Thank You

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So after talking to North India Manager of Corsair, The service center accepted my headset and promised me a return within 10 days on 16 June 2016. But surprisingly, even after more than a month I haven't received my headset back.


Looks like the "Legendary" customer service of corsair is not much "Legendary" anymore.

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